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Jacob Bellens is a brilliant experimental pop auteur known for his characteristic voice and a curious musical mind that, despite his modest appearance, has made him one of the most significant and recognized figures on the Danish indie scene for almost 20 years!

This October, Jacob Bellens will release his sixth solo album, ‘Off My Meds’. It took shape over two turbulent years characterized by a deep personal crisis, breaking Bellens down to a point of total exhaustion. Lyrically, the album is centered around self-care and the lead single, 'It Ain't No Wonder' is an open letter to Bellen's wife about realizing you're too broken to love properly, afraid of the consequences... Make sure to watch the video for 'It Ain't No Wonder' right here! 'It Ain't No Wonder' is out now on the legendary Hamburg indie label, hfn music.


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