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One of the most renowned and exciting pop acts to emerge from the Nordics is finally about to extend their genre-fluid output with the release of ‘Jaw Dance’. The powerful new single from Takykardia is out today, November 8th

Fronted by the ultra-charismatic lead singer, Luna Matz, Takykardia have already positioned themselves as a daring, visionary pop act with a genre-fluid expression, thanks to their visual 2020 debut album, ‘Better’. With the release of the lead single from their long-awaited sophomore album, Takykardia is finally back, and ‘Jaw Dance’ is another unpredictable production by the Copenhagen-based three-piece – a song about the nightlife phenomenon known as “coke-jaw”.

“The lyrics describe how awkwardly self-aware and uncomfortable I can become when sober with someone high on cocaine - especially if it's someone I normally like being around or even find attractive,” Luna Matz says and continues: “People are free to do whatever they please and get high if they like. Maybe I’m just boring or too vain? That being said, I've never partied or hung out with a person I thought was funnier or sweeter with a dancing jaw and that non-stop-ego-chatter on.”

With a more direct and voluminous sounding direction, ‘Jaw Dance’ marks a new beginning for Takykardia. The massive sounding drum patterns from Troels Dankert are melting with the playful synths and piano of David Nedergaard as Luna’s voice moves effortlessly between melodic phrases and sharply accented bars making ‘Jaw Dance’ an uncompromising pop-banger. The track is produced by the award-winning Danish producer, Anders Boll, known for his work with artists like Lowly, Goss, Ganger, and Efterklang.

“I feel an urge to channel out my energy. Right now the Taky-energy is explosive and pop star-like. Our only limit is our imagination, and as an act, we strive to evolve and be curious of what changes might come,” Luna explains.

The energy of Takykardia has led to 5-star reviews from leading Danish music magazines, GAFFA and Soundvenue, including a Critic Choice Awards nomination as “Hope of the Year” at Steppeulven 2021. With international praise from the likes of Earmilk, Kaltblut, DMY and VICE along with radio support from BBC Radio 6, Worldwide FM and Rinse FM, Takykardia has already proved a potential beyond the Danish border and with the release of ‘Jaw Dance’ more is to come in 2024.


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