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Jayna Enters Pop-Star Era with New Single, Silly Goose (12.6.23)

“When I wrote Silly Goose, I let the pop-music lover in me fly for the first time. This ragey, feminine, and hyper-confident tone was new to me.The song was damn funny, and the writing process brought on a satisfying catharsis, but I was not convinced I was the right artist to record it. Being quite a departure from my chill folk/pop comfort zone like my previous single, Renee, I didn’t believe I could embody the pop-star-quality this song required.

Working with producer Jared Corder (Polychrome Ranch) on this song, flipped that attitude on its head. I immediately felt he had a deep understanding of my influences and he seemed to seamlessly craft this song into the angry pop anthem of my dreams and gave me the confidence to claim this voice, as well.. my voice”

PRE SAVE LINK (Release Date: 12.6.23)


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