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K4YLEE 19 year old female alternative rock artist, set to release single, LEFT FOR DEAD, SEPT. 14

K4YLEE’s ‘LEFT FOR DEAD’ paints a picture of revenge,

deceit, and agony. Listeners can expect flaming guitars and

anthemic vocals from the singer’s third single. This is the third

song in her catalog mastered by vocalist Julian Comeau of

Loveless, who is credited for his work on Kellin Quinn’s

Downer Inc., and I Prevail’s Grammy-nominated album

‘Trauma’, along with production engineer and co-lyricist

Jordan Anthony Scott.


Raised in a small town in Texas, K4YLEE is no stranger to

standing out in a crowd. Writing quickly became an escape

from the city-limits and music came natural to her, as she was

always filling her journal with short stories and poetry while

growing up. The once confined and dismissed Kaylee Rogers

harnessed her eccentric style, powerhouse vocals, and

unapologetic lyrics to rebirth as K4YLEE.

Currently, K4YLEE plans to release a series of singles

periodically throughout the year, and is anticipating her third

single, LEFT FOR DEAD, dropping September 14.

“The heaviness of LEFT FOR DEAD is guttural, I hope

listeners can channel their inner rage and tear this song apart.”

says K4YLEE, adding, “I wanted to personify the inner battle

of my mind when things get dark. Sometimes I feel like my

thoughts leaves me gasping for air and I’m left for dead. Jordan Scott helped me develop this vision into

what I hope becomes your new favorite mosh-pit anthem!”


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