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Mariah "MK" Wilson, also known as Karmaa, is a 28 year old Cali born and raised, Texas living Rapper/Singer/Songwriter. She is a big advocate for mental health awareness, equality and paying it forward. She intends to be a difference maker and a leader of change. Karmaa is not one to stick to the rules and never intends to follow the crowd. She was raised to be who she is and to be proud of it. She intends to inspire the uninspired and change lives by being able to relate to others and talk about taboo topics that others don't like to or won't acknowledge and speak on. Being part of the LGBTQ community Karmaa wants those discovering themselves to know they're not alone. This has heavily influenced many of her songs and is a known fact about her. She wants people to know that it's okay to be proud of who you are and love yourself. Show your pride and never be ashamed of it. Accolades include "Best Pop Song" (by the World Songwriting Awards for the Spring of 2020) for Karmaa's hit song WERKK which promotes spreading positivity, dancing, self-love, being confident, embracing yourself, and most importantly equality for all!

Courtesy of Karmaa Spotify

Which artist influence your music?

I'm heavily influenced by the 90's as a whole. From the Goo Goo Dolls to Salt N Pepa, I have always loved all 90's based music.

Who are your favorite artist?

I have a lot of favorite artists but my top 5 right now are: Taylor Swift, RUSS, Camila Cabello, Kehlani and as always Missy Elliott.

How long have you been creating music? What got you started?

I only started creating to distribute in 2017. I started songwriting after taking a creative writing class in 8th grade. Music has always been a passion and part of me. According to my mom I was singing and dancing before I was talking and walking.

With your new single “Goliath”. Do you plan on releasing a full project? New videos?

GOLIATH was always intended to be a single and it's one that is very special to me like Insincerely and Taboo. I was working on a deluxe album but decided to just push singles for now. I am currently seeking out a new videographer because I believe my upcoming singles alive and Naughty Naughty 2.0 deserve music videos.

Outside of music what are your favorite things to do?

I'm a very simple person. I really enjoy working out. I love to play basketball. Most of my time outside of work and music is spent with my family. I love my niece, nephews, siblings and parents more than anything.

If you were forced to pack 3 items and leave everything else, which items would they be?

If I had to take only 3 items and go, I'd have to pick my phone, headphones, and MacBook. That way I can listen to and keep creating music.

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