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Who are some artists you are currently listening to?

I’m a huge Pearl Jam fan! The sad part is, I only came to know about them 4 years ago. And ever since them, I keep catching onto their old albums one by one. Out of all, I’ve finally heard and locked on to 10 of those albums! And I intend to know every single one of them byheart at some point soon! I love to hear Eddie Vedder’s voice be so fluid with all their songs. I wish to learn that from his music.
I have to be honest, I’m not as much in touch with the mainstream artists from Hollywood, currently. I miss the raw sound of guitars, of the drums, bass, all instruments. A lot of today’s music, sounds like a huge blob of ambience with beats, but how do I sing to that? How do I play a chord without feeling like it’s out of place with the song? Hence I keep going back to Celine Dion, QUEEN, ABBA, Sabbath, Floyd, Nirvana, etc. I would do anything to hear more music like that!

Explain how you got started creating music?

I was learning Indian (light music, and over the time classical) from a young age. But I had the urge to write whatever I wrote, in English. I didn’t know what to do with poems, when I couldn’t really sing them. I stopped my training of Indian vocals for a while.

Then took up learning some basic guitar 4 years ago (I can still only play chords and some solo pieces in my own songs). And I put all my time in composing and writing after that. Learned some basic music production, enough for me to make my own demos so I could get someone to listen to it with the vision I had for the song. Throughout this journey, I was lucky to have the support of my friends who guided me around Western music, its styles, genres and basic theory, because I was clueless! A huge thanks to Mayank and Saurabh(the producers) for giving me the confidence to put my debut single out there! I would’ve been stuck in the same confusion and stress with song demos, had they not offered to guide and produce my music.

Do you have new music(/video) coming out soon?

Luckily, I’ve been composing for quite a while now, so I’m on a backlog with songs. I don’t want to hurry any production process, but I can’t wait to release them one by one. I was excited for an album, but I’m not sure how seriously everyone takes long albums when Singles are trending. So yes, there’s music coming out really soon!
I do wish to make a music video since visuals have become such a big part of music. I need to work on a lot of these things. One step at a time!


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