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Kat King releasing "New Sun" July 29th

On July 29, Kansas City based 5-piece shimmer-pop band Kat King will release their single

“New Sun” that breathes life back into life itself. Led by Kat, herself, a seasoned musician who

charms with an infectious dance-inducing energy, the upcoming single is an electric blend of

catchy bright melodies that find itself right in the heart & heat of summer. Derek Melies on

guitar, John Kaul McCain on bass, Daniel Cole on drums, & Kara LePage on keys bring a

refreshing dynamism both on and off the stage. Centering on themes of self-care, steadfast

friendship, and revitalizing optimism, “New Sun” compels listeners to look towards new, more

positive, more productive perspectives.

Says Kat about the album:

This is the first song we truly wrote as a band. Daniel and John were laying down this sick bass

line/beat at practice and it really blossomed from there. It felt like a road trip song. Lyrically I

tried to highlight the importance of escaping how bad the world can be by going on a trip,

soaking up time with your friends, maybe ride the wave of a psychedelic to hopefully be

reminded of what's good and try to exist as an active citizen without the constant state of

doomsday. A necessary recharge.

Courtesy of

Manor Records



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