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KING CARA releasing “Favourite Crusade” March 8th

KING CARA is a Dublin-based alternative rock trio. “Favourite Crusade”

is their debut single, and will be released on 8th March 2023 on all

streaming platforms and Bandcamp.

The track was recorded and produced by Eoin Whitfield in The Hive studios in Co. Wicklow.

“Favourite Crusade” is an aromantic love song. The lyrics are from the

perspective of someone hopelessly in love, or at least they think they

are. They know that this has never worked out for them before, they

know that pursuing this will lead to more harm than good, but they

don’t care. Like the crusades, its not going to end well.

KING CARA was formed in early 2022 by three students in BIMM

Dublin, Jimmie Byrne (vocals, guitar), Aisling Stephens McGowan

(bass), and James McCabe (drums). For the past year, the band have

been delivering a series of searing live performances in venues across

Dublin, including a headline gig in the Soundhouse.

Taking their cues from Queens of the Stone Age and Jack White, KING

CARA serve a boiling soup of fuzz-flavoured riffs, wry lyricsm and

driving rhythms.


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