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’See My Will’ introduced a shimmering Nordic R&B sound by a shapeshifting new duo from Denmark. Now Ronja Andersson and Eigil Hein are ready with a new experimental yet catchy single and a Komorebi Garden debut album!

It’s been less than a month since Komorebi Garden blessed the Autumn of 2023 with the ethereal sounds of ‘See My Will’. The song hit Danish national radio P3 and was supported worldwide by influential media like Soundvenue, COLORS, DIFFUS and Ones To Watch.

This Friday 20-year-old Ronja Andersson and 21-year-old Eigil Hein are back with more Komorebi Garden experiments.

”Our new single, ’The Escape’, is about never being weighed down by norms and conventions. The main character of the song feels trapped, trying to break free and get back to the mindset that we all have a free body and mind of our own. In many ways, 'The Escape' represents everything original, strange and unorthodox that we've been trying to fulfill with our debut album."

As the duo tells, ’The Escape’ doesn’t stand alone. The new single is part of a 12-track debut album called, ‘Weave’, that has come together between the two friends over the past couple of years.

“To us, 'Weave' is a multifaceted album that reflects the complexity and diversity of music, people and the World. We don't make mainstream pop songs but we hope that our experiments across genres and collaborations can still inspire those who find their way to Komorebi Garden to explore the endless possibilities that life offers," Ronja and Eigil say.

The two multi-instrumentalists have a penchant for classic analogue music with a shared curiosity of the manipulation and technology of the digital, modern world. Like a botanical garden in a distant galaxy, Komorebi Garden possesses both an ethereal grace and uncompromising progression.

‘Weave’ is out on the independent Copenhagen label, 100blaa, on November 10th.


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