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KSI-All Over the Place ALBUM REVIEW

Written Before Listen

KSI is not only an artist, but a famous YouTuber as well. Known for his long time run on the platform and comedic personality. In my opinion, a Youtuber I whole-heartedly respect. From what ive heard in his music, im not a fan. Let’s see if this album changes my perception of it though.


I never saw KSI as the lyrical type and I think he will say the same. Every bar that I’ve seen him attempt falls incredibly short. If you want to, just look at the lyrics on Genius yourself and take a mask at some of his sexually driven bars. Other than that, a majority of his hooks and flows are actually tolerable, but that cant shy away from some of the deplorable lyrics on this album.


KSI didn’t play with the producers on this record. The production on this album is easily the best aspect. It doesnt mean I like them, that’s Especially the case for the beats from Digital Farm Animals. I dont know if its just me, but DFA’s style just can not mix with KSI. Other than some exceptions, the production is just atmospheric trap music.


As a YouTube rapper goes, the guy brings big features to his name. On track 2, we get none other than Future and 21 Savage on a track with KSI. He also brings notable names such as Lil Durk, Craig David and YUNGBLUD. He even puts Polo G on a synthpop song (which might be the best artistic decision that KSI will ever do).

Genre Bending

KSI….he is no one trick pony….for god damn sure. This might be one of the weirdest albums when it comes to this aspect. It’s like he’s trying to go for a mixtape budget version of Drakes “More Life” on this album. There’s simple pop rap, theres nostalgic synth pop, atmospheric house tracks, UK drill and bouncy dancehall all on this album. Some of the trap tracks were ok, that one UK drill cut was probably the strongest and the song “You” despite the terrible hook was pretty smooth, but when its all said and done, the genre bending has major room for improvement.

Favorite Tracks

Well, I didn’t mind the opening track. The synth pop song went pretty hard and the song “Madness” was a cool take on UK Drill, but KSI REALLY needs to develop as an artist before he experiments with his sound


This is what I expected but to a more extreme extent. I think KSI needs more time to develop but for right now, he’s unfamiliar with his style.



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