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Lando Chill has made waves across the US with roots in Chicago and Tuscan, while currently residing in LA. In total, Lando has released 10 EP/albums in full including Black Ego which received praise from Chicago Reader, Scratched Vinyl, and Brooklyn Vegan and For Mark, Your Son with several songs that hit over a million listens on Spotify. His discography is massive and diverse in sound, all tied together with his signature poetic lyricism, intentional enunciation, and ability to fight for the marginalized through art.

With his most elaborate release plan yet, Lando Chill's upcoming EP, Common Denominator, encapsulates Lando's spiritual, mental, and physical journey since his arrival in LA. "The common denominator in every aspect of your life is YOU. You are the driver.

When you look back at failures, trauma, and triumphs, the common denominator to all is

you, or us."

'Believe me Lonely' is a groovy tune Lando describes as a psychological unmasking. A

lyrical play on ghosting, self-love being the pill you need, and wondering who will be

there when the mask comes off, 'Believe me Lonely' is set to be the first single off Lando's

highly anticipated EP.

Lando wears what they believe in on their sleeve and their music is a window into a soul with so much to say. This is why I believe Lando Chill's dedication to the arts and their community, their infectious personality, and their forever hip and upcycled fashion would really connect with your audience.

"If I taught you a song, would your heart sing along?" Lando chants before dropping in

with an energetic verse on 'Heart Song, a sensual and stripped-down track reminiscent of Chicago staples like Saba or Mick Jenkins. In 'Chamber' Lando shows off melodic range, almost resembling different personas in this upbeat jam with an ultra-catchy hook and bell-like synths.

"Tin Hat" Releases 2/8


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