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“Life On Earth” by Summer Walker - Track by Track review

Rapper Summer Walker has briefly returned to the music scene with a 5 second EP that includes 3 collaborations. Walker has gained a handful of attention with the release of her debut album “Over It” and her Drake collab “Girls Need Love”.

“Let It Go”: A good track, it’s strong instrumentally and lyrically. I liked how even though it’s an acoustic type track they were still beats playing. As I said, it’s a good track but it didn’t deliver much.

“SWV” with NO1-NOAH: Summer’s voice is so gentle, I could listen to it all day. Hmm, I didn’t know what to think about NO1-NOAH but he wasn’t bad after all. This track was a bit short but also, what does SWV stand for?

“My Affection” with PARTYNEXTDOOR: Nice beat, I was excited since the first second the track started playing to hear PARTYNEXTDOOR in this track. I’ve enjoyed the features verses but what I don’t like is when they start singing with Summer at the same time, I feel like that’s so overdone. I didn’t necessarily enjoy this track, there’s no reason for that being that way though.

“White Tee” with NO1-NOAH: NO1-NOAH’s second feature in this EP, I always find artists being featured two times in an project weird. NO1-NOAH’s autotune didn’t do him right, I prefer his verse on “SWV”. Summer ate in some parts of this track but the autotune or whatever that vocal effect was also didn’t do her right.

“Deeper”: Most artists do better in songs where no one’s featured and Summer is one of them, her solo songs are great! Summer did again what she did on “Let It Go” she used beats on a simple track. Her vocals and harmonies sound flawless, love that.

As I’ve already said, Summer shines brighter when she’s solo, wish this would’ve been a solo project and then she could’ve done whatever with her sophomore album. In conclusion, this EP was good but it was simple, that’s why I rate it a...


Listen to “Life On Earth” below:

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