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We caught up with the rising star, LilBrian1k to talks his upcoming album "1GODLY" coming out August 26th. Check out our Q&A conversation were we get a more in depth breakdown of the creative process and the meaning behind his upcoming album.

Ive had the 1godly album concept in my head for a while I just wasn’t feeling the vibe of it so I made changes and switched things around a few times. I wanted to give it that “godly” vibe with also a turn up vibe as well. 1godly is album you can play when you wanna vibe out the way that you like. I got the name from one of my closest friends he Big Jèfe1k. The album also features some of my closest friends as well. One of them just came came home from a 6 year bid. Dirty lemonade and Umbrella are probably my two favorite tracks on the tape so lookout for them. It’s 1GODLY YHE GODLIEST OF EM ALL 🌟🌟🌟

LilBrian1k on creating new album



If you are just now hearing about LilBrian1k, you should listen to a few songs/videos which will be featured throughout the interview.

When did you start creating music?

I started making music about 5 or 6 years ago. I started taking it serious a few years after that.

What artist are you currently listening to?

Right now I have been listening to a lot of young nudy lil keed and youngboy. If I’m not listening to that I’m probably playing some old school.

Does “1godly” the album feature any artist? What inspired this album?

The 1godly album does have a few features some of my closest friends at that. 1godly is inspired by one of my good friends, it was just a nickname we playing around with referring to my name “1K”

In an apocalyptic event you were forced to take 3 items what would you grab?

In an apocalyptic event the three items I would bring is probably my pistol, a flashlight and my car haha.

Are you born and raised Chattanooga,TN?

But no I am not from Tennessee actually I’m from San Antonio Texas.

Outside of music what do you spend the most time doing?

Outside of music I pretty much just hang with my daughter or some of the homies. Play basketball or go find some water to chill by wit a female u know what I’m saying. Vibes…

How do you feel about the Chattanooga music scene?

how I feel about to Chattanooga music scene, I really like it I think Chattanooga got some real talent. I need to reach out more and do music with some of these guys cuz they talented for real.

Any upcoming videos or visuals?

I do have some visuals on the way. I have one coming up with the homie Slendo called “dntdodrugz” shot and edited by another good friend of mine Chris G. The G stand for godly 🌟 also I have some videos I will be shooting for the 1godly album and deluxe STAY TUNED



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