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Everlasting love collides with dissonance and trashed R&B on 'Forever' from Copenhagen-based singer, songwriter and producer, Lisha. The single is out now and will be followed by a debut album later this year.

'Forever' is written as the ultimate love song. But amidst the pink naivety, the musical layers of subtle melodies, chanting voices, impulsive beat- and chord changes create an unpredictable space that introduces an independent artist who is not afraid to bring noise into a fragmented yet streamlined reality.

Genre-wise, Lisha moves somewhere between trip hop, alternative and R&B and the contrasts seem to be in constant motion on 'Forever', leaving the listener wondering whether it's a happy or broken heart singing.

However, there is never any doubt that in Lisha's world there is room for diversity, that the boundaries of the expected can always be explored and pushed, while perhaps most of all the nerve lies in a never-ending struggle to find your way in life - a life that keeps pushing you over.

Lisha is Julie Boda. The Copenhagen-based musician will release her debut album, 'Devotion', later this year.


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