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Logic-Bobby Tarantino III MIXTAPE REVIEW

Written Before Listen

Logic…..I thought I’d never have to review him. He has risen from retirement with his Bobby Tarintino persona once again. Back when I was in middle school, Logic was everywhere. I heard about him from the song “Young Sinatra III” and that song showed Logic’s lyrical prowess and talent. I didn’t really get familiar with his other music until “The Incredible True Story” which was an album I liked in middle school but grew on me poorly as I realized how repetitive and corny his music sounds. After becoming gradually worse overtime, his album “No Pressure” was supposed to be his final goodbye, and it was his best album by far. It wasn’t anything super impressive or anything, but surely a strong foot to land on. With that being said, he is back and now I will review “Bobby Tarintino III”.

The Comeback

If you didn’t know, Logic beforehand retired. He is coming back….ONE YEAR AFTER!!!! It doesnt really affect BT3, but it affects No Pressure. What made it such a great album was that Logic piled up his strength to “retire”. Now, 1 year later, he is returning. Its not like JAY-Z who came back after 3 years, this is one year, It’s been 4 years since Kendrick Lamar released something and he never announced retirement in his life.


Now let’s talk about the actual music. First off, the production is not handled by No ID and Logic on this one. Its back to being produced by 6ix, which in my opinion is almost as derivative as Logic is. He knows how to mix and produce well but originality wise, he is completely missing his own style. You can never recognize a 6ix beat when you hear one and this mixtape is a pure example of it.


If you know Logics lyrical history, he is one of the most inconsistent rappers on the mic. One minute, he drops a pure fire bar and the next he drops one of the corniest bars. A lot of the bars on here….are ok. They dont give me any attention. There’s not really a flow or subject matter that catches my with the exception of “Inside” and “untitled” and I will say that Those songs are my favorites. Every other song on the other hand just passes by.


Logic also is known to be one of the most derivative people in hip hop. It’s always brought his status down. Sometimes he bites hip hop heavyweights like Kendrick, Kanye and Travis Scott and sometimes he rips already below average rappers like J Cole and now Trippie Redd. Thats what I liked about No Pressure, he didn’t rip off anyone and his style was coming off strong. Now he is back to sounding unoriginal. He’s ripping off flows and production styles from a lot of Drake and Post Malone, taking a lot of recycled cadences and calling it his own. Its pathetic.

Favorite Tracks

I liked the song “Outside” a good amount but other than that, to be honest with you, theres not another song I throughly enjoyed. Its thoroughly 33 minutes of passable music.


Yeah. I would say this is Logics worst album but its actually far from it. I will say that this is his worst mixtape. I dont recommend listening to this. Even for Logic standards, its pretty forgettable.



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