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Lucci Beats: Producer Series

15 Year Old Producer from Belgium

Q: Who are your main influences? Favorite Producers? L: So my main influences are mainly rock groups (like the clash, Nirvana, sex pistols,...), the 90’s hip hop Pioneers (tupac, Notorious B.I.G, run dmc, dr dre,...)there  so many genres that influenced me. From disco to french rap to R&B to techno, you name it.

L: My favourite producers would be Jack $hirak, Nick Mira, metro boomin, Murda beatz and Jahaan sweet

Q: Weird producer habit?

L: A weird producer habit of mine is that i  love making beats before i go to school in the morning. But then i'm thinking about my projects all day.

Q: Which software is your favorite? L: My favorite software is Logic pro X


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