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Massa Nera releasing 'Derramar | Querer | Borrar' Album 12/2

The members of New Jersey’s Massa Nera (Aeryn Santillan, Allen Nuñez, Chris Rodriguez, and Mark Boulanger) equally contribute vocals, lyrics, and musical ideas to their upcoming sophomore album, Derramar | Querer | Borrar.

Adhering to the maxim “the personal is political,” each member explores subjects such as racism, cisnormativity, and the interrelationship between capitalist realism and mental health through the prism of their own experience. Taking inspiration from various musical, artistic, and theoretical movements (hauntology, techno, contemporary classical), the band pushes theirsound beyond the boundaries of hardcore and screamo without betraying the core of their musical identity or sacrificing emotional directness.

Though certain ideas date as far back as 2017, DQB ultimately took shape during the first year of the pandemic, which only served to magnify the members’ connection to both these songs and each other. Like a 4-headed hydra, the members of Massa Nera found themselves in a state of synchronization that allowed for the fluid, spontaneous development of sonic and lyrical throughlines. The record begins and ends with a drone that turns the album into a loop. Recurring images (endlessness; water), lines (“We dare to invent the future”), and sonic elements (strings; an interview with Aeryn’s grandfather; seamless song transitions) form a web that connects each song. With its thematic cohesion, DQB is both the fulfillment of Massa Nera’s artistic ambitions and an honest reflection of the members’ experiences navigating the terrain of late capitalism. DQB’s thematic cohesion extends to its artwork. The art

direction was the result of a close collaboration with Fulgencio Bermejo III, whose dialogue with the bandwas integral in shaping the visual components of thealbum. Every design choice and piece of imagery reflects and expands upon the album’s preoccupations. Each format (cd, tape, vinyl) was given a unique look.The cd label is evocative of and electronic music release. The vinyl jacket takes a mixed media approach, layering a surreal digital hellscape (by Fulgencio Bermejo, whoalso designed the booklet), hand-drawn, quasi-organic brutalist imagery (by Myles Karr), and cyanotype images of structures local to the band (by Chris and Mark). The booklet makes explicit the record’s hauntological bent, with its mix of industrial decay and photovisual autobiography (all of the images having been taken by or under the direction of band members). To support this release, Massa Nera is currently working on an album-length video that utilizes documentary footage of the band, fictional imagery, and a wall of 12 CRT TVs (collected by the band during the pandemic and featured in the promo pictures). They’ve also planned a remix album as a companion project of sorts, which is set to include contributions from numerous

artists (including members of Infant Island and Soul Glo).Additionally, they’ve scheduled numerous shows including an upcoming weekender in Quebec with Frail Body, a 10-day tour in June featuring a stop at ZBR Fest, and a 10-day tour of the West Coast with Quiet

Fear, with more shows to come.

CD Variant #1 Mock Up

Release Date: TBD

Format: Vinyl, Cassette, CD, Digital, Streaming

Track List:

01. An Endless Cycle // I Was More Than the Weight of

My Work 7:27

02. Hipócrita 3:56

03. Lost Faces 4:27

04. Adrift 3:56

05. Shapeshift 6:17

06. April 7th 2:30

07. A Faint Goodbye 3:03

08. Tristeza Consume (Lowering the Blinds) 1:51

09. Eyeless Faces 2:20

10. Wanting (Ghosts Haunting Ghosts) 3:30

11. You Mean So Much More Than Misery to Me 4:22

12. Anchored 5:38



Music & Lyrics written by Massa Nera

Massa Nera is:

Aeryn Jade Santillan – Bass & Vocals

Allen Núñez – Guitar & Vocals

Christopher Rodriguez – Guitar & Vocals

Mark Boulanger – Drums & Vocals

Additional Instruments:

Seth Scantlen - Cello

Yaz Lancaster - Violin

Produced by Steve Roche and Massa Nera

Engineered and mixed by Steve Roche

Additional Vocals engineered by Aeryn Jade Santillan

Mastered by Carl Saff

Cover Art by Myles Karr, Fulgencio P. Bermejo III,

Christopher Rodriguez, and Mark Boulanger

Art Booklet Graphic Designer - Fulgenicio P. Bermejo III

Photographs in Booklet taken by Christopher Rodriguez,

Thomas Chupela, and Wendy De Armas Dominguez

Band Photos taken by Wendy De Armas Dominguez

Logo by Fulgenicio P. Bermejo III

Center Labels by Fulgenicio P. Bermejo III

Website Designer - Lola Gringas

Recorded at Permanent Hearing Damage in

Philadelphia, PA on May 19-23 and May 30

Additional Vocals recorded at In the West in New

Brunswick, NJ throughout June

Mastered at Saff Mastering in Chicago, IL


Social Media: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter



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