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What song is the best representation of your style?

From my latest project I would have to say it will be Super hero cough because it is witty fun and unorthodox and all over the place but it tied up nice the punchlines and word play brought the story to life it went from just trying to to write this dope verse to naw this is a a true story that sums up who I am as a human

What inspired you to create music?

As a person of the mental health community music is my escape it’s the one place I’m not judge questioned or even critique for the most part since I was a kid songwriting was my way to express how I truly feel when they say it’s therapeutic that a fact I get to release all my fears worries thought in a beautiful art form which in return makes me feel like I’m doing the right thing as I heal thru what life those my way

What is a dream collab you would like to achieve in the future?

My dream collab would be starlito Yebba Conway the machine Curren$y childish gambino and frank ocean

What are 3 items you couldn’t live without?

Items I can’t live without are headphones charger and note app

How many unreleased songs would we find on your computer?

sooooo many songs maybe 3-400 at the low end some days I just got crazy and record 7 song and feel like yea this is coming out asap. Others I take the time out and fix every imperfections until it’s just right I guess ocd is a vice too hahaha

Any new music coming soon?

I have a lot of joint project with my brother lojak , DeRamus, Damesnotdead, the whole ppg Gang and then I have 1 more solo projects that will end the year out with a bang always working, stay tuned


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