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Canadian Pop Artist Melotika Is Sending You Love With Her New Dance Pop Single

Vocally a breath of fresh air

Montreal born and Toronto based, Melotika is described by her fans as an epic combination of Lady Gaga, Madonna and Britney Spears. Fearlessly she calls on others to discover the beauty and spark within themselves. Always ready to throw a dance party, this tour-de-force is looking to reach fans with her message worldwide introducing a new era of Retro.

Melotika is redefining what it is to be a Pop artist. Blending eclectic and stimulating sounds with carefully crafted infectious dance-able tunes, she stands for self-confidence and embraces individuality. Also referred to as New-Retro/Electropop, her lyrics are laced with a deeper meaning, and her music offers a form of escapism for anyone who needs a break from everyday life.


"Digital Dreams’ is her first single since the release of her Retro-Pop EP Dancing Without You. Melotika sings about our obsessions with the online world making light out of a dark situation since the global pandemic and partaking in the new virtual world.“I wrote this song at the beginning of fall 2020. We were going to add this track as a b-side to my EP Dancing Without You but later decided that this is a stand alone song. It's just so different and needs to be its own thing.” Melotika shares. “With the producer of the track, Twocann, were-visited the piece a year later and made changes. I literally got the chills after hearing the Mixdone by Canadian producer Taabu, and realised that this is the kind of energy the world needs.”

“Press the send button now, no one wants to be alone. Display goes on and on, we’ll never shut it off,’ is a cool relevant line,” she adds. “We are so obsessed with being social through our phones and the need to be loved and connected is greater than ever. We all want validation and we all want to be somebody we ‘want to be seen as’.You can literally be anyone you want online.”The Montreal born artist fuses reminiscent retro sounds that create a new era of retro with a new school take on Pop. ‘Digital Dreams’ combines the 70’s, 80’s dance aesthetic with some early2000’s influences such as Madonna’s Confessions on a Dance Floor and Kylie Minogue’s Fever.“The idea was to create a short and sweet catchy dance-pop track relevant to our world.Something that sounds familiar but not really at the same time. I wanted the lyrics to resonate and make you move going back to the basics a little. We are in a new era now and this generation needs to dance.”

“The making of the music video was spontaneous.” Melotika shares. “With my animation artist Toastermind, we wanted to combine both Melotika’s real world and fictional world.The Olympic stadium in Montreal has so much history and was very futuristic the time the building was made. I couldn’t think of any other spot that looked like it was about to take off to outer space and tell my story!There is just something so compelling about combining the old with the new...”


‘Digital Dreams’ is the first release followed by a collection of singles that led up to her solo EP Dancing Without You which was released in September 2021. She also released multiple remixes of her songs that breathe new life into her work and take on a fresh style.2022 will be ‘the rise of Dancing Without You’ as Melotika calls it. A collection of new singles will be breaking new ground continuing her trend of genre bending, redefining what it is to be a Pop artist through a new Electro-Retro sonic experience. With off-putting lyrics and her distinctive lower register, Melotika unabashedly draws upon her personal life experiences calling on others to discover the beauty and confidence within themselves.After receiving support fromAmplified Radio Network’sTMS Underground and featured on stations such as 105.9FMThe Region, 102.7FM CILU and 106.9FM CIXX, Melotika grows her fanbase online and continues to perform local live and virtual shows. ‘Digital Dreams’ will be supported by a national media PR campaign, Hype Music, and specialty radio such as CBC inCanada along with support from La Mission in France targeting national and local French radio and press





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