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MGK-Mainstream Sellout ALBUM REVIEW

Written Before Listen

MGK is one of the most controversial musicians of recent times. Despite how I feel about MGK as a human, I’m here to review music, not the person. Surely the person will sometimes affect the music, but numerous controversies have happened among my favorite artists. With that being said, MGK’s music is something that I'm far from a fan of. MGK’s hip-hop music is corny and something I never took seriously. The fact that one diss from a washed-up Eminem made him switch genres completely is hilarious and I guess that his pop-punk stuff is slightly better than his hip hop stuff, I still think that MGK makes overdramatic music for a genre that is a hit or miss on how original or outside of the box you are. With that being said, I'm here to review the album and without further ado, let's get into it.


So the production on this might just be the best part of this album…Only if it wasn’t average. I think that everything mixed was acted more like a to-do list than aiming for good production. There was probably like a note on the mixing board that says, compress the drums, hi-pass the bass, etc. It’s just produced like any major label pop-punk record would be.


Well…we have Bring Me The Horizon, we have Lil Wayne twice, we have blackbear, I guess Willow does ok on “Emo Girl”, iann Dior is tolerable, and I guess I don’t mind the Thugger feature on “die in California”. Yeah…those are the features.


Ok….now let's have some fun. The songwriting is so basic, formulaic, generic, bland, dime a dozen, not even accepted by an entry-level pop-punk fan bad that I can't even begin. Honestly….just look on genius yourself, this shit is terrible. What makes Pop Punk songwriting so good Is its unbreakable angst and edge. This album has no edge…. it's sitting in a fucking circle…. it's pointless. MGK….stop talking about toxic relationships….you’re literally 31 and engaged. YOU’RE 31 AND ENGAGED!!! How could you make more immature music than what you made in your 20s? You made “Wild Boy” and that would probably be more accepted than what you’re making now. Even 40-year-old Avril Lavigne has more believability than you. God….this is just some pathetic ass songwriting.


Now…MGK…Punk has a huge background in culture, music history, and variety. If you ask Pop Punk artists their biggest influences, they would mention hardcore legends, glam rock superstars, classic rock icons like The Beatles and Queen, and then there is the Ramones and Clash’s. MGK brings the STUPIDEST cliches in Pop Punk and puts them on a cardboard platter because it’s not worthy enough of a silver one. I guarantee MGK cant make a song without using power chords…I guarantee it. This is music for the people who make Supreme shirts on CustomInk. This is music for people who buy Levi shoes over Converses. This is music for people who get caught passing notes in class. Now…being “fake punk” is a pretentious title…and not even MGK is worthy of that title. I love pop-punk. I will stand forever saying that My Chemical Romance is one of the most important bands of our time and that Gerard Way is one of the best frontmen of the 2000s. I will stand and say that Green Day’s “Dookie” helped transform not only punk music but mainstream rock music as well. I will stand saying that Blink 182 and The Offspring were a step in the right direction more than anything…but…this is just terrible.

Favorite Tracks

LMFAOOOOO….This album literally made me sign a petition….I paid 7 bucks to contribute to a petition that has 10 signatures…and that’s not even as pathetic as this album…..this album is just pathetic….you know what…MGK is pathetic. There I said it… give me a tomato.


Now….should MGK stop making music? No. I don't think anyone has the right to stop making music, but I guarantee that his musical capability has reached an all-time low. Now I present to you, the second album to get a particular score…MGK’s Mainstream Sellout!



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