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MINOE shares her flawless debut EP + two dreamy new BOPS

Unapologetically herself, MINOE bares all across the impressive 6-track body of work. The EP creates a flawless introduction to the Canadian newcomer, proving herself to be an exceptional talent to watch.

Empowering, honest and endlessly playable, Bleeding Hearts Disco is your soundtrack to self acceptance and moving forward. The record touches on experiences of self-doubt, isolation and rising above that inner saboteur that so many of us battle with. Today’s release offers two previously unheard tracks, ‘Plastik’ and ‘Love You Bby’, completing her knock-out debut collection, see below for the full tracklist;

Bleeding Hearts Disco

  1. Cut Me Loose

  2. Cherry

  3. Hands

  4. Plastik

  5. Sonny & Cher

  6. Love You Bby

The dictionary defines a "Bleeding Heart" as a derogatory term referring to a person who is considered dangerously softhearted. However, a bleeding heart is also MINOE's favorite flower - delicate and surrounded by others just like it on a vine. Through isolation, MINOE came to realize that her sensitivity is a superpower and it’s one that she refuses to be ashamed of.

She vows not to change herself or hide her feelings, and invites others to do the same. The "Bleeding Heart's Disco" welcomes everyone, it’s a world where crying together, dancing together and healing together is standard practice.

MINOE has been quickly growing a reputation for crafting dangerously catchy alt-pop anthems dripping in self-empowerment and queer liberation. Previously released singles ‘Cherry’, ‘Cut Me Loose’ and ‘Hands’, all of which were revealed this year, have pinned her as an exciting artist to watch and seen her scoop support from the likes of The Line of Best Fit, Consequence of Sound, Ones To Watch, Variance, Complex CA and Wonderland. Not to mention she has been listed in the top 100 CBC artists!

Bleeding Hearts Disco is a coming of age moment for the young newcomer. It sees her reform her identity and accept parts of herself she previously wouldn't have thought possible. With this project, MINOE encourages her audience not to listen to their negative inner voice and allow themselves to dance and celebrate life.

Born in Nova Scotia, now based in Montreal, MINOE has been making a name for herself with her soulful songwriting and infectious melodies. Fusing elements of disco and pop with more dark and alternative moments, MINOEs sound is the perfect vessel for her honest, powerful and cathartic songwriting.

Growing up in a troubled home, MINOE took to songwriting at a very young age to understand, process and cope with her trauma. Her goal is to provide a safe space for her listeners to heal, dance, and find common ground.

Since launching in 2019, MINOE has put out an increasingly diverse body of work, evolving and scooping more recognition with each release. Her work has been supported by the likes of Complex CA, The Line of Best Fit, Variance, Rolling Stone, Cult MTL, Okayplayer, and more while racking up over 500,000 streams. Not to mention over 3.4 million likes on TikTok.

With live performance playing a big part in who MINOE is, she’s already performed at Montreal Jazz Festival, opened for Tom Grannan, Dadi Freyr and sold out her first headline show in Toronto. More recently MINOE stormed Halifax Pride ahead of completing her first UK & European tour which saw her play multiple London shows and Float Festival in Paris before she marked the EP release in her hometown of Montreal with a launch show & party hosting multiple artists.

Releasing thanks to the help of the Factor JSR grant, MINOE is a force to be reckoned with. Giving nods to female greats such as Lana Del Rey, Kimbra and Banks, MINOE’s here with her own spin, and it’s ready for the big rooms.

MINOE is everything you could ask for in a role model and must be treasured at all cost.

Keep all eyes on MINOE;


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