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Mural By Zachary Durham EP Review

Written by Alex Kehn

Rising artist Zachary Durham has recently released his 6 track EP entitled Mural, which is heavily influenced by hip-hop as well as R&B sounds. I was entirely captivated and fully entertained by every beat throughout Mural's nearly 20 minute runtime. None of the beats feel stale or repetitive, they all feel very organic and as a result, the beats make for very genuine sounding music. Vocally, Zachary Durham delivers an outstanding performance on every single track from start to finish. Zachary Durham sings with a soulful R&B-esque tone, comparable to Brent Faiyaz or The Weeknd, which is always a treat to the ears. Despite the comparisons to Brent Faiyaz and The Weeknd that I just made, Zachary Durham does certainly have a very unique singing style and flow that is one of a kind. The mixing and overall production throughout this project is fantastic. The beats and vocals compliment each other very well and every aspect of Mural blends together to make a great-sounding EP. The features throughout Mural work well and complement each track, creating a more complete sounding and full EP. Overall, I would certainly recommend checking out Mural as well as the rest of Zachary Durham's discography if you are interested in hearing a unique and impeccable sounding R&B and hip-hop fusion artist.


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