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"Nectar" - Joji's new irresistible album.

Joji, a name familiar with those who keep up to date with the more contemporary side of R&B, pop and hiphop, released his new album "Nectar". Two years after his first truly impressive record "BALLADS 1", Joji appears to have spent time re-shaping his sound to the refined and moody style on his new album. "Nectar" stands out in two major aspects: its production (which has improved massively from the slightly watery standard found on his earlier work) and Joji's vocals (which are both catchy and substantive). Lyrically Joji finds himself in a similar place as his last album; mulling the fine line between happiness and toxicity in a relationship. Songs like "Sanctuary" and "Like You Do" find him perplexed in a world of mellow drums and lush synthesisers, whereas songs like "Pretty Boy" and "Mr Hollywood" focus more on the catchiness of Joji's vocals inflections. To put it more clearly, "Nectar" blows all of his past efforts out of the water, finally providing his critics, fans and Stans an album that feels not only complete but distinguished.

"Nectar" is just as full of artistic direction as it is in refined and luscious execution, providing an hour-long dive into Joji's most mellow characteristics. Just one look at the album title and artwork gives you a pretty clear vision into the melodramatic atmosphere that Joji creates with an abundance of artsy flourish. Personally, my favourite track would have to be the heart-wrenching "Mr Hollywood" with production from Kenny Beats, but I would also highly recommend "Run" for its astonishing production and "Gimme Love" for it's brilliant hook.

Unsurprisingly there are still a handful of slightly expressionless songs still to be found on "Nectar"'s 18 track journey, although noticeably less than expected. That being said, for an album from an R&B artist who appears to still be finding his feet, this is exceptional, and I would highly recommend to anyone who has listened to any of his past songs, or anyone who wants to dip their toe into modern, contemporary music.


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