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OutKast-Stankonia ALBUM REVIEW


This album was requested by an Instagram user named @Sophie.ttgb. When it comes to requests, I’ve only gotten a few. The first one was actually from my podcast member Will who recommended POWER UP. I took it because it was new at the time. The second request was by Floris and I took it because I really wanted to get into D’Angelo anyway. This third one is different because OutKast is one of my favorite groups of all time, and Stankonia is one of their classics.


If you know OutKast, you’ll know that they’re one of the most celebrated duos of all time. Andre and Big Boi go on and off bouncing flows and effortlessly riding the beat. Andre 3000 is the more freakish one as his style is more expressive and out there. Big Boi is more of the slick one that’s capable of some amazing flows and one liners. On this album, that is surely an instance. Surely there are songs like “Snappin & Trappin” and “We Luv Deez Hoez” where Big Boi is the lone OutKast member, but they shine the best when they’re both on the mic. Songs like “Gasoline Dreams” and “BOB” have both members bringing their unique styles in the best way possible. “Spaghetti Junction” goes back to the style they toyed with on ATLiens and if you know that album, you’ll know that the chemistry they have on this song is on point. This whole album shows Andre 3000 at his boldest and Big Boi at his smoothest.


A lot of the best hip hop groups don’t usually tend to the bold genre-bending that OutKast does. Songs like “Toilet Tisha” and the title track are actually more p-funk influenced than hip hop influenced. A song like “BOB” takes the basic hip hop format and adds elements of Drum And Bass. Similar instance with “Gasoline Dreams” as the song has a guitar riff wha’d to death. Despite the small genre-bends, the whole album contains elements of Neo-Soul and Funk and they do it in a great way.

Crossover Appeal

Stankonia might honestly be the most recognized OutKast album. That’s mainly due to 3 of their biggest hits appearing on this album. Let’s just say that those three songs are some of the best songs of all time. “So Fresh So Clean” is a smooth and funky banger with an iconic bass line and hook. Big Boi delivers some amazing verses and Andre turns the song into a Funkadelic like meditation. “Ms Jackson” has one of the best topics of a pop song with an iconic hook and one of my favorite lines of all time….try to guess which one. “BOB” on the other hand, is one of my favorite songs of all time. The beat is filled with impact and ferocity as Andre and Big Boi go off. There’s a reason why OutKast are as big as they are….just listen to their hits.


This is an aspect of an album I don’t usually talk about but I have to mention it. OutKast are without a doubt one of the most influential artists in hip hop. Their genre bending skills are a blueprint to the likes of Danger Mouse and Gorillaz. Their blending of soul, hip hop and everything in between would be taken to the extreme with Tyler The creator and Mac Miller. The slick flows and southern bravado would be carried on by Big KRIT, Currency and Isaiah Rashad. The ability to experiment but create chart toppers would be the recipe for people like Travis Scott and Kendrick Lamar. As you can see, OutKast have done a lot for the music scene and personally, this album is their most influential.


There’s not that much negative I can say about this album….Although, it can sometimes go on for a little long as the back end of the album decreases in enjoyment value. Other than that…like c’mon. OutKast created one of the most expression-filled and left field releases of hip hop history


Shout out to Sophie. OutKast are one of those groups that have to be respected. The same way people see Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye or A Tribe Called Quest should see OutKast in the same way. They are just one of those artists that cant be disrespected.



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