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Part by MORI

First ever phone I had was a NOKIA, it was shit. I met a girl from Nokia once, I was shit.... Anyway, the phone couldn’t do much, apart from play snake, a game in which you tried to convince yourself that it wasn’t complete arse in a kind of Pacman way, but really you were just lying to yourself and you knew it. The one thing the Nokia could do which was kinda cool was you could write your own jingles as ringtones, my crowning achievement being working out the bassline for Only in Dreams by Weezer. The thing is that in it’s one tone simplicity those little basic electronic melodies have really stood the test of time and whenever I hear one it makes me smile.

That’s the first thing that caught me when I heard this song by MORI. The song itself is overflowing with delicious melodies, played on all types of rich and deep sounding synths but the one bitty that caught my ear and made me seriously pay attention to the song as a whole was the melody with the tones that echoed one of them old shitty Nokia phones. Just a simple but effortlessly catchy melody that stays with you long after the beat has finished, ‘tis very nice.

The funny thing is that the rest of the song develops into something of quite the epic, the second time we hear the phone melody it is being backed by a chanting, male choir which adds such a difference of texture that in your head you think that it shouldn’t work, but it does, and it’s proper aceness. The positivity of the beat really shines through and you could imagine it on the soundtrack to a film where a couple of stoner geeks find themselves transported back into somewhere like Joseon Dynasty, Korea. It would be an 80s feel good movie, like The Goonies meet Indiana Jones.

I really, really like this song and I’ve been enchanted by M O R I since discovering them during a deep and treachourous dive into the lofibeats hashtag on instantgran. If you want something that’s a little bit different but also a lot awesome then check it oot here


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