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Q: Who are your main influences?

A: Well, as of English-speaking artists, it’s “The Beatles” first of all. I was born back in pre-digital epoch in the Soviet Union, when our life wasn’t oversaturated with the musical product it became nowadays. I’d also like to highlight the influences of classical music and such artists/bands as Sting, Radiohead, Queen, Pink Floyd, Andrew Lloyd Webber to name a few. There are also some very special ingredients in my ‘cocktail’: i.e. a Tatar opera singer Haidar Bigichev whose masterpieces were deeply influencing me in my childhood.

Q: Favorite Producers?

A: George Martin, Andrew Scheps, Nigel Godrich

Q: Any new projects?

A: I’m planning to record a new EP in 2020, therefore finding proper producers (I finished with the last one for now) is a way actual purpose. Your project or Artist placements you can speak on? - There are some good trends on Songtradr, e.g. the single In the Rain, however it’s only the beginning. I also have some positive moves on Spotify, however my statistics’ quite modest at the moment. I haven’t been involving payola playlists in my practice and still believe you can breakthrough honestly, where first condition is that the noises you record are The Music.

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