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Pi'erre Bourne-The Life Of Pi'erre 5 ALBUM REVIEW

Written Before Listen

Pierre Bourne is a rapper who is better known for his production which is usually playful and somewhat hypnotic. He is easily one of my favorite producers in the game right now as his style is simplistic and super adventurous. He is mainly known for his work with artists like Playboi Carti, Lil Uzi Vert and Young Nudy. I’ve always been a fan of his production style but I’ve yet to dig into his music as a rapper. Without further ado, let’s see what he has in store.


Pi’erre Bourne has a unique aesthetic. A lot of his rapping style and production style has lot of journey and color to it. The synths and chord progressions have a little bit of a video game influence to it with a dash of Kanye, Pharrell and modern trap. It’s a very positive vibe front to back which makes an enjoyable listen.


Now let’s talk about the production of Pi’erre Bourne. His production style is super distinct as it consists of crisp trap drums, hard hitting 808s and a lot of atmospheric synthesizers. He also adds a lot of sound effects hidden in the beats as it gives some sort of movement in the production. It’s easy to say that Pi’erre Bourne is one of the best trap producers of modern time.


Stylistically I kind of covered it with his aesthetic. Let’s talk about his lyrical style though. Let’s say he has the flow of Playboi Carti and subject matter of Lil Uzi Vert but minus the vocal experimentation of each. It might not be the most unique style which leads me to a main gripe of mine. Pi’erre Bourne as a rapper is not the greatest. The main highlight of this album is the production for sure. Surely the hooks are catchy and some of the flows are nice but he doesn’t bring anything new to the table as a rapper.


If you look at the song length and the intros/outros of each song, you’ll see something unique. Each song transitions into each other for the album experience. You could also listen to the tracks individually as well. It’s a unique experience that I thoroughly enjoy throughout the whole album.


As I already said, the lyrical aspect of this album are nowhere near as strong as the production. I also think the features were lackluster on this album as everyone underperforms…Especially Lil Uzi. There are also some times on the album where Pi’erre sounds off beat as hell. Let’s be real here though, Pi’erre brings one of the strongest trap records of the year but it surely comes with it’s flaws.


As an introduction to Pi’erres own music, I was impressed. I thought it would be some generic trap music but the whole album is as colorful and adventurous as some of the albums he played a heavy role on. It’s surely up to par with LUV Vs The World 2 and Sli’merre.



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