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Prodbyshadown: Producer Series [Q&A]

Q: Main influences, favorite producers?

A: I am really into underground rap so my favourite producers are underground too, obviously. My top 3 (in order) are...


2.Fluss Vlone

1.Downtime (my inspiration)

Q: Weird producer habit?

A: I make all my drums, percussions and 808s in wav. files, not in midi, and then i export every one of them alone in a 4-8 bar loop in wav. also.

Q: Favorite software?

A: For DAW i love and I use CakeWalk by Bandlab because it is simple,

professional and free. I dont use any synths, i like flipping samples, and for mixing/mastering : iZotope Ozone Imager, CamelCrusher, and both the stock CakeWalk EQ and the free version of TDR Nova EQ.

Q: New projects?

A: For rap/trap I am working on a mixtape called "Midnight", Outside of trap i am also learning orchestral music.

Listen to some recent work below!

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