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Pure energy! That's the word that describes INTO THE SOUND ,the last single released by The.Kid

Clearly inspired by 90's "fucking angry" electro music, but characterized by a really contemporary sound with fat low-end and syncopated beats. It explodes in the refrain with a straight kick drum which will make even the laziest people jump. A fresh, powerful and not that obvious track. Website: About The.Kid

From the imagination of Dante Delli, musician and founder of other projects such as Masstang and Swordfish, the.kid is born… the voice out of the chorus! An original and visionary project of Electronic music, which blends with the sound of the "played" guitars and basses, with intervals of rapped and sung phrases, inserted in "space and winter" atmospheres. Inspired by the electronics of the 90s (that of Chemical Bros., Prodigy fat boy slim ...) but with current bpm and sound. the.kid is the little alien that hides inside each of us … the.kid makes you listen to something powerful.


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