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Well, as you all know, I cant review every single album in depth for this year. I cant even review some albums that are reviewable. Reviewing is just a side gig, but I do of course have a lot more time to listen to the music. Without further ado, here are 9 albums that I was considering to review but never did.

Viagra Boys-Welfare Jazz

Despite being a pretty versatile punk record, I dont really see this as anything super special. I like how they incorporate the dancer side of punk but I feel like we’ve heard this record other places. If you like this type of music more than I do, go ahead and give It a listen

Month Of Release:January


Genres:Art Punk

For Fans Of:Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds,LCD Soundsystem,Black Flag

Black Dresses-Forever In Your Heart

Even when Peaceful as Hell came out, Black Dresses were a group that I wanted to listen to but never had the time for. What I will say is that there sound palette and ideas are fire but the album itself is a little unfinished. With that being said, there is a lot of personality on this album.

Month Of Release:Febuary


Genres:Electro-Industrial,Industrial Rock

For Fans Of:Nine Inch Nails,Liars,Car Seat Headrest

Ad Nauseam-Imperative Imperceptible Impulse

What I will say is that Ad Nauseam are a group of musicians who have good chemistry and vision. What I will also say is that this album is that I will most likely need more listens on this album. The classical influences Brought in are fantastic, the left-field quality of this album is there, its just a little much at points.

Month Of Release:February


Genres:Technical Death Metal,Avant-Garde Metal,Progressive Metal

For Fans Of:Death,Mayhem,Ulcerate

Xiu Xiu-OH NO

I was aware that this came out, but I wasn’t super intrigued to review it or let alone listen to it. I dont know why but I always thought Xiu Xiu was only decent. I had thought of the idea of reviewing it so thats why its here. After listening to it, it’s pretty good. I dont know if my music taste has evolved since last time I listened or its just this album, but I enjoyed this.

Month Of Release:March


Genres:Contemporary Folk,Rock

For Fans Of:Swans,Chelsea Wolfe,Sonic Youth

Genesis Owusu-Smiling With No Teeth

This took me so long to listen for no rhyme or reason. I liked the cover, I saw the positive reviews that this album had and I heard the song “Don’t Need You” prior to this review and enjoyed it. Now after listening to this album, I understand why I held back, but I regret doing it. This album is really good.

Month Of Release:March

Label:House Anxiety


For Fans Of:Tyler The Creator,Childish Gambino,Steve Lacy

Feu! Chatterton-Palais d'argile

This was basically to not only this band, but this type of music. Surely I have listened to my fair share of French Music like Daft Punk,Justice, Gojira, Phoenix, Jean Michael Jarre and many more, but this is the first time where an artist or group I’ve listened to truly embraced the French language and culture. In an American standpoint, it surely reminds me of Age Of Adz era Sufjan as well as Spelling, but this album represents French music pretty well.

Month Of Release:March


Genres:Nouvelle chanson franciase

For Fans Of:Sufjan Stevens,Spellling,Steven Wilson

Squid-Bright Green Field

Well, this is something that I completely missed on. This album is chaotic, noisy and very outspoken. I highly recommend it if you’re a fan of some experimental post-punk music. For a person who enjoys that type of music, this was right up my alley. Hopefully you people enjoy it.

Month Of Release:May


Genres:Experimental Rock,Art Punk,Post-Punk

For Fans Of:The Fall,Public Image Limited,DFA 1979

Mach Hommy-Pray For Haiti

Yeah, I finally listened to this project and Mach Hommy in general. I knew of his name beforehand, but This Griselda review is the first time I have listened to him in full. What I will say is that represents Griselda really well which means that its pros and cons are pretty expected. I liked this though.

Month Of Release:May


Genres:East Coast Hip Hop,Abstract Hip Hop,Jazz Rap

For Fans Of:Armand Hammer,MF DOOM,MIKE

Wolf Alice-Blue Weekend

Yeah, this Wolf Alice album…is not bad. Its nothing outrageously amazing about it, but it was enjoyable. It definitely was a little stuck in the genre they represent a little but I did like how they showed their versatility with songs like the folky “Safe From Heartbreak (If You Never Fall In Love)” and the punky “Play the Greatest Hits”. With that being said, its a solid Dream Pop record.

Month Of Release:June

Label:Dirty Hit

Genres:Dream Pop

For Fans Of:Blonde Redhead,Japanese Breakfast,Beach House

Well, there you go. I hope you enjoyed. This took much longer than it should've been because I had to listen to all of these 9 albums in the span of like 2-3 days. I am also behind on 2-3 reviews so I got to get to that too. Well anyways, hope you enjoyed!


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