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RANKED - Kanye West




This project was a part of the 7 song GOOD MUSIC rollout. Following The Life of Pablo, this project offered a lot of the same styles but wasn’t as good. Very commercial production with a few retro Kanye soul beats. 

Stand Out Tracks:

No Mistakes

I Thought About Killing You

Ghost Town

JESUS IS KING His first official gospel project with the entire energy of his Sunday Service Choir. This project took a gamble combining Gospel Soul with the sonics of Hip Hop. While this was a very smooth listen it lacked diversity.

Stand Out Tracks:


Follow God

Closed On Sunday

LIFE OF PABLO This project was a compilation of the greatest new young artist. Production wise mixing a lot of the elements you had from YEEZUS and MBDTF. Overall this is a very complete album. Stand Out Tracks: Father Stretch Your Hands Ultralight Beam Real Friends

LATE REGISTRATION With a solid release of The College Dropout this project proved to be a great second album. He took a more classical music approach with the productions adding live instrumentation and classic live samples in most of the tracks. Kanye improved lyrically as well on this project. The skits are hilarious picking up from College Dropout.  Stand Out Tracks: Crack Music Touch The Sky Drive Slow

GRADUATION One of his most underrated albums by far. He combines electronic sounds reminiscent of daft punk with soulful samples. This project put Kanye in a legendary status while defeating 50 cent in a “head to head” release day battle.  Stand Out Tracks: Everything I Am Champion I Wonder

YEEZUS His most experimental project by far. He mixed soul samples and industrial production with auto tune. He creates the perfect balance of a new age classic. This project was received negatively upon release by many. In time this project will be one of his most revisited albums.  Stand Out Track: Guilt Trip New Slaves Bound 2

COLLEGE DROPOUT His debut album that boosted him in to star status. With soulful and creative production. Kanye brought back an old sound similar to a Tribe called Quest.  Stand Out Tracks: Through The Wire All Falls Down Last Call

MBDTF This album had maximalist production with a great line up of features like Nicki Minaj, Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Kid Cudi, and more. Kanye’s most complete body of work. He had large group of producers and artist touch this project. Many would consider this the greatest hip hop album of all time. Stand Out Tracks: POWER All Of The Lights Gorgeous

808s & HEARTBREAK The most influential album of the last 20 years. Kanye uses auto tune and minimalistic pop production. He ushered in a new sound that would dominate the radio. This album showcased the likes of Kid Cudi and Mr Hudson. Many next gen artist like Lil Uzi, JuiceWrld, Drake, and more speak highly about the influence of this album on their sound.  Stand Out Tracks: Say You Will Heartless Love Lockdown Give us your thoughts! Do you agree? Totally disagree? Comment Below


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