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Riley Hirshey boasts refreshing poppy energy on his upcoming single “One More Night”

“One More Night” is an anthem for those unforgettable nights. It is carpe diem embodied through dazzling synths, a crisp backbeat, and an ear wormy hook. All these elements make for an instantly accessible song destined to be half sung-half yelled amongst good company.

Riley Hirshey is a singer/songwriter based in St. Louis, Missouri. His sound ranges from yearning singer/songwriter to peppy indie folk to mainstream pop. In his new single “One More Night”, Hirshey leans full force into a carefree brand of pop that starkly contrasts his more somber and heavy hearted debut EP “Make a Way.” After a period marked by big changes and stress, “One More Night” illustrates Hirshey’s starting a new chapter, leaning into each moment whole-heartedly, and recapturing the whimsy of simpler times.

Hirshey has quickly garnered attention with features on the popular IndieVibes and IndieMusic YouTube channels, as well as a glowing review of his single “The Rest of My Life” on the EarToTheGroundMusic blog.

“’One More Night’ feels like a reset for me,” Hirshey said. “As an artist, it’s a leap into a brand new genre. On a personal level, this song is the embodiment of reconnecting with myself. It’s about living in the moment and being carefree, which is something I feel like I’m finally starting to get back to.


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