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Rising London talent Finn Doherty releases debut EP, if you're bored of this city

Finn Doherty, a rising talent from London, makes a compelling entrance into the music scene with his debut EP, "if you’re bored of this city". Renowned for his evocative live performances and lyrical prowess, he extends his creative reach with this seven-track collection, which delves into themes of desire, self-destruction, sexuality, and identity. The EP opens with a profound sense of personal resonance, weaving intricate narratives set against the backdrop of urban life and complex personal relationships. Doherty’s ability to convey deep emotion and introspection is immediately apparent, marking him as a noteworthy new voice in contemporary music.

A standout track, "~ your love won’t take me home ~", exemplifies Doherty’s talent for blending simplicity with emotional depth. The song’s minimalist arrangement, featuring tender acoustic guitar, allows his poignant vocals to take center stage. His delivery is evocatively raw, each word imbued with a great depth of feeling. The subtle production elements enrich the soundscape without overshadowing the song’s intimate core. Other tracks on the EP - "Call It Off", "Figure It Out", "KMU", and "Drop My Guard" - showcase the artist’s versatility. These songs blend pop, indie, and electronic influences, exploring themes of lust, heartache, and solitude. The production, handled by Lavar Bullard, ensures a polished yet authentic sound throughout the EP. Finn Doherty’s exploration of unrequited love and the nuances of his queer identity is both personal and universally relatable. The EP captures the bittersweet reality of unreciprocated affection, resonating deeply with listeners.

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