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Roisin O’Hagan set to release 'Road From Nevada', out 27th May

Exciting UK based solo americana/pop/rock artist releases second single from her

new EP, off the back of a trip to Nashville to record and write for her debut album.

Inspired by her musical heroes, Roisin has crafted her songwriting skills according to the

rock/pop legends she looks up to as a young woman. As such, determination and passion

are key attributes to Essex based Roisin O’Hagan’s success as a singer-songwriter. Her

upcoming single Road From Nevada, the second release from her Summer EP, bursts with a

lust for life, love and the things that inspire Roisin. The lyrics are sprinkled with references to

personal moments and inspirations that have shaped Roisin as an artist and person:

“I dreamed of New York, of being twenty one and one day” - turning twenty one years old in

New York City.

“Sunday nights in London town” - a nod to the huge amount of time Roisin has spent in

London, gigging in every small venue and being endlessly inspired by the city.

“Pictured Dancing in the Dark” and “I was Born to Run and screaming I’m on Fire” - Bruce

Springsteen, who Roisin was brought up listening to and takes a lot of inspiration from.

“If all my heroes learned to fly then why can’t I?” - a nod to Tom Petty, another musical


“The road from Nevada took me straight to California” - a 2018 trip from Nevada to

California, on which Roisin met and began a friendship with Matt Malley of her favourite band Counting Crows.

The emotive lyricism of Road From Nevada illustrates a fire inside a woman in her early

twenties discovering who she is, what inspires her and the things that are shaping her into

who she is going to be.


Roisin, 23, has been surrounded by music since an early age, her father is an avid record

collector and her mother a singer. The musical osmosis clearly started when she began to

accompany her parents to local gigs and the recording studio, where she sat in the corner

drawing, crippled by shyness. Her love and understanding of music and its creation led to a

private exploration into songwriting from her teenage bedroom floor. When eventually brave

enough to share her songs with her parents, they took her to the studio and introduced her

to their producer David Booth, a key figure in Roisin O’Hagan the artist’s formative years.

Booth served as a mentor to Roisin during her early years as an artist and it is through him

that she was introduced to the live music scene. Having released her first song aged 13yo,

she worked her way around gigs across Essex and London, progressing to several BBC

Introducing appearances and support slots for Chris Shiflett (Foo Fighters) and Olivia Lane.

Roisin performed at Tennessee Fields Festival last Summer, which she will be playing a

mainstage, full band set at in July 2022, after which Roisin was approached by Strategia

Management. In partnership with Neal Handforth of Strategia, Roisin has collaborated on the

production process of her new music, working with experienced session musicians Tim

Galloway, Brian Allen, Miles McPherson and Wes Little from Nashville, yet still retaining

creative control. In April, Roisin took a trip to Nashville, where she spent time writing with

published artists, including on Music Row’s Riser Publishing, and recording in studios

including John McBride’s Blackbird Studio.

Roisin’s musical influences cover a broad spectrum of artists such as Bruce Springsteen,

Counting Crows and Tom Petty, and most notably, the broad range of writing styles of Taylor

Swift, whose story-telling abilities have inspired the more personal nature of Road From

Nevada. Roisin’s songwriting belies her young age and her ability to be objective about her

own shortfalls and weaker areas stands her in great stead as she progresses from the less

personal songs of her earlier years to a more focused, intimate and emotional sound. Having

always previously written with just herself and a guitar in mind, her new approach brings into

play the possibilities for full band sets and songs with larger production.

Roisin O’Hagan has not only fallen in love with the creative elements of music but, having

graduated from a Music Journalism degree from BIMM London in 2020, has a keen eye for

the business side of the industry also. Her analytical approach to her own writing and

musicianship spurs her on to continue to improve and progress her own style and follow her

own path as she enters an exciting new stage of her career.



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