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SAPPHIRE Ignites a New Chapter with 'Test Drive' EP

British singer-songwriter SAPPHIRE, is reclaiming her narrative with the release of her latest EP, ‘Test Drive’. The dynamic artist, who garnered attention through her remarkable cover song series on YouTube, faced adversity in 2022 with online hate. This setback became the catalyst for SAPPHIRE's creative resurgence, leading to an unapologetic and exhilarating songwriting journey.

The EP, a compilation of five original pop tracks, serves as a testament to SAPPHIRE's resilience and creative exploration. The artist shares, "I felt lost, hurt, and completely out of control. I knew that the only way I could heal was by creating more music and testing out all sorts of different sounds."

"Wasting My Time," the EP's focus track, encapsulates SAPPHIRE's empowered phase as she navigates love, loss, and self-love. With punchy indie-pop vibes and SAPPHIRE's impressive vocal range, the track delivers an open and honest narrative that resonates with authenticity.

SAPPHIRE describes the EP as a "test drive" — an exploration of sounds and emotions before committing to a defined musical direction. The artist's introspective approach and willingness to experiment shine through each track.

With an impressive 100 million streams across her original music and cover song series on YouTube, SAPPHIRE has cultivated a dedicated fanbase of one million across Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. Having collaborated with renowned artists like Alan Walker, SAPPHIRE continues to captivate global audiences with her authenticity, heart, and tenacious musical spirit.

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