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Selfish Limbs: Producer Series [Q&A]

Who is your favorite producer?

My favorite producer and influence of all time is the one and only J Dilla. As a drummer his work contributed in the developing of my own drumming style and language, especially in hip hop but also in other music styles. He took many risks in his music and I can definitely relate to that state of mind.

Check Out, his 2019 Release "Shock Tactics"

Explain your production setup?

My setup is quite simple but very powerful, I have a drum kit hooked up to Sensory Percussion, an audio interface and my laptop. In combination with the outstanding Sunhouse's Sensory Percussion software I use Ableton Live.

Check Out (Live Beats: Series featuring Selfish Limbs Below

Any new music coming?

I just released my second album “Beats to Beat Isolation”. It is a dark portfolio of tunes to express the hard times for all in isolation. It was created from the intensity of the world pandemic that has gripped us. Now I am working on a new project trying to relax and meditate with it. With my drum kit as a main interface i trigger and tweak samples incorporating my personal and organic feel.

Listen to "Beats to Beat Isolation"

Give us a Quarantine tip?

Stay creative, look for new ways of expression and action. Plan our future meetings!

Selfish Limbs is featured on "These Days... Vol. 1"


a1 records
a1 records

yo his beats lowkey suck

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