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Serenity by akmelock

‘’The state of being calm, peaceful and untroubled” that sounds like the fuckin dream doesn’t it?

-How you doin today Gary?

-Aye, fuckin untroubled mate

-Nice one!

You can have that one if you want it, next week when someone asks you how you are say ‘’untroubled’’ and see the reaction you get, they’ll probably think you are a complete freak but let’s face it, most people are arseholes with troubled minds aren’t they? Not like us, we be the untroubled.

Calling a beat serenity may be seen to be a little ambitious, a little lofty, a little dreamy but the thing is, tf you don’t reach for the stars you're left sat all alone, hoarding toilet paper from Walmart cos Ronald Drump told you to.

The thing is, I’m so happy that akmelock totally went for it with this beat though cos this is a gorgeous little song, one that I’ve had on repeat since I got back with the shopping from Walmart.

The entirety of the beat is built on a repeating loop of string like chords, beautifully picked and reverbed to calm the most irregular of heartbeats. The whole mood of the song is peace and calm, you could imagine sitting on a river boat watching the world slowly descend into chaos and destruction from afar, but you’d be on your 9th gin and tonic listening to this song on repeat ,calmly and peacefully not giving a fuck about the rest of the world.

The little transitions in this song are a joy as well. Cleverly faultless, as each section leads to the next they are seamlessly joined together just as a 90 year old Italian carpenter would connect his mahogany arms to his mahogany legs. I also greatly enjoyed the randomness of the samples, an alarm going off here, kids cheering there it added to the glorious upbeat nature of the whole song and ended up creating a highly addictive listen, and you know what? I’m gonna listen to it again right now, and if you want your mind to be untroubled for a little over two and a half minutes then I would calmly and peacefully suggest that you do the same. Check it oot here


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