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Stray Dog Strut (wooo/wooo/woooo) by Girl’s Night

On the whole you have to say that a community is a good thing: it helps people feel supported and it can help people grow, which is great, super great. But on the other hand if people don’t actively ask for that support then there are times when people should keep their noses out of your business, stop peering through your window, and generally shut their prescious pie holes.

There’s a slight issue with a certain percentage of “lofi” , the issue being that when abiding by the original meaning of the term “lofi” then it definitely aint “lofi’’. To put it another way there are beatmakers (usually call themselves producers) out there who are shinier and more polished than the Queen of England’s bedroom door knob. Which is fine, if that’s the kind of knob you are into, but for me I like to find my knobs in the basement covered in scratches and caked in layers of dust, dead skin that can tell 1000 stories.

Which leads me nicely to this beat, oh how I love it and how through multiple listens I have found so much to love. If we apply the dictionary term of “sound” it may not be perfect enough for the professors but in my world of shuffling feet, misdirected gazes and cheap beer, the imperfections are just beautiful enough.

The first thing that caught my ear was the kind of eerie dog like sample that scampers behind the entirety of that beat. That dog makes me happy, and I’d always choose a mongrel over a pedigree. It is so random and so quirky but also fits so well, it has the kinda uniqueness that is often missing from beats, maybe people are scared to put that kinda shit in, but Girl’s Night nails it. In the end it makes me wanna take that lovely messed up dog home and feed it the side chain I don’t wanna put on my kick.

The intro is beautiful and perfectly timed as well, each instrument coming in at just the right time, the falling echoing piano opening us up into a room of warmth and fun where all the instruments join us in a party completely devoid of snobbery, a place we can just sit doing nothing, feeling completely happy in our own skin reminding ourselves that we don’t have to impress anyone, especially the shiners of knobs.

The instrumentation as a whole is ace and I can’t speak highly enough about it, but sometimes what a lot of people often forget is sometimes we just need to focus on how a song makes us feel and not always on how it sounds. We need to think about how a song can elicit feelings from us on a day in a week, in a month that we really need it. This song has made my week a little less shit and I’m so happy and grateful for that. I’m not so sure that a perfected sounding rainy type study beat by someone like Q U E E N S K N O B could do that for me. Each to their own of course, if you are up for some perfect imperfection though then check it oot here

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