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Suzie Geeforce releases new single 'Aurora Archives'

“Digital music with a human soul” The Repeat Beat Poet Suzie Geeforce is an AngloBurmese Music Producer and Poet creating music for our futures! She has been likened to Kae Tempest and Flying Lotus in the past. She creates music that speaks to a sense of hope for the future through technology, empowerment and love! She has performed in London, Los Angeles and Yangon as well as in Animal Crossing: New Horizons! Her poetry was also featured in the 2020 Schuh campaign “Embrace your Feels”. Latest singles include Parasocial Butterfly (2020) and Music for Androids to Vibe to (2020). Her sound is mainly inspired by Kawaii Future Bass, Lo-Fi, Videogame OSTs, Alt Rock and Classic UK Garage! She also has a PhD in Staging Science Fiction


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