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TeeKayin: Producers Series [Q&A]

Q: Who are your favorite producers? Main Influences?

A: My main influences are pretty wired a lot of Radiohead, cashmere cat, baths, shlohmo, smashing pumpkins, mgmt, David Bowie, xl cartel, nodle, joji, and me I guess there a lot more those are the main ones.

Q: Weird Producer Habits?

A: I’m weird about making music Ingeneral so I think my whole process is a bit wired 90% of the time the sound I start with is usually not the sound I end up with but I can definitely say that the process I use give my music a vibe that’s my own if you listen to a few on my songs you can hear it and on my new project you be able to hear it even more so look out for that.

Q: Any new projects?

A: The project I’m working right now is called “happy valley lane” that’s a working title so it could change but as far as other artists go I’d like get some other artists involved so we’ll see how it works out

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