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The Craytes have announced their debut LP, "Galaxy Down," arriving October 13th

About the album “Galaxy Down” came into being spontaneously during solitary idle moments. "I wrote all the demos on a whim, alone in my basement, stashing them away for a rainy day," explains singer-songwriter Enzo Palermo. The outcome: dreamlike fragments melding into pop structure. "The songs that flowed most naturally found their place on the album." he states. The album captures the essence of the everyday – from grand edifices to honey-drenched beaches and the intrigue of bank vaults – portraying scenes of stillness and observation through kaleidoscope lenses. Oftentimes, at the observer’s detriment, intense reflection and self-doubt take hold. The single, "A Very Good Dancer," serves as a prime example, as time itself seemingly reverses. Stream and share the single now on Bandcamp or Spotify or Apple Music. Track list: 1 Tangled Hair 2 A Very Good Dancer 3 Restless Hair 4 Downbeat 5 Differently 6 Scaffolding the Monument 7 Spiral Stairs 8 Eventually


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