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The Daisy Chain Releasing single ‘Postcards & Pictures’+ New Album ‘Take a Look at all the houses'

As you may or may not know, The Daisy Chain is a Belfast-based musical endeavour which in the studio, consists entirely of clones of Rhys Mayes. These entities work in tandem to create a jumbled mishmash of Psychedelic Pop and Country Music, characterised by 60s inspired instrumentation, and low-fidelity, carefree production ideals: The Daisy Chain does not set out to create a polished production, but rather a jarring and heartfelt forgery of Rhys Mayes’ favourite music, such as; The Lovin’ Spoonful, The Beach Boys, and Ros Sereysothea.

The Daisy Chain Live Performance Group during Search Results’ recent

Album Launch

Photo Credit: Fionn Bowes-Fitzpatrick (@flaneuring_with_fionn)

On the 27th October, The Daisy Chain unveils “Postcards & Pictures”, the second single released on the run up to the upcoming album “Take a Look at all the Houses”.

Postcards & Pictures contrasts with the previous two singles “Holibobs” and “Lifeto”, in that it showcases the side of The Daisy Chain more influenced by Country and Folk music. Let Rhys’ driving Autoharp, sailing whistles, and mediocre vocals whisk you away on a journey across the sea, as they lament a short and sweet love lost to the plains of the USA.

“Postcards & Pictures” comes with an accompanying B-Side, a wildly Psychedelic and sluggish rendition of the Dennis Wilson and Gregg Jakobson-penned Beach Boys track “Celebrate the News”.

Postcards & Pictures Artwork, made by Rhys Mayes (@reezmaize)

The second Daisy Chain album “Take a Look at all the Houses” will be released on 17/11/2023. The Daisy Chain Live Performance Group (The live show focussed section of the conglomerate) will also be taking to the stage of the Ulster Sports Club as part of an Asphyxia event on 2nd November, playing with Lifts and Makeshift Art Bar.

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