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The Formalist Deliver 'Happenstance' an Enigmatic Party of Sound

Entering The Formalist's sonic space is like standing at a doorway, hearing distant yet familiar sounds. 'Happenstance,' the latest single from the duo, captivates with its atmospheric and wistful ambiance. Formed in 2006 by Brooklyn-born Krieger and Norwegian Erik Laroi, The Formalist is a mesmerizing fusion of Krieger's ambient leanings and Laroi's song-based sensibilities. This dynamic pairing, rooted in a history that spans experimental outfits and shoegaze bands, has birthed a musical entity that defies easy categorization.

'Happenstance' challenges the norms of modern electropop, infusing the genre with a captivating energy that resonates with the sardonic undertones of Laroi's lyrics. The duo's harmonious clash of influences, drawing inspiration from both the turn of the Millennium and contemporary artists, creates an undulating soundscape that defies expectations. As the lead single for their upcoming album, 'Happenstance' sets a stage that promises an unparalleled auditory experience, merging the human and digital realms in a way that is both edgy and utterly enticing.

Check out the unique lyric video for 'Happenstance' here:

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