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We caught up with one of our favorite artist since the beginning of OUT THE BOX. The Samu is a singer, composer and audiovisual producer. He was born in March 28 of 1997, in Pereira, Colombia. In 2014 he started this crazy adventure in the music with the Reggaetón genre with his single Fantasía Sexual, song that due to its great acceptance had a remix with an artist from Puerto Rico. Samu it’s recognized for working with world-renowned artists and producers. In 2019 he structures his career and begins to be in different media with his single “Or Nah (Spanish version)” trap type song. The artist has been in many events and awards in the music scene, sharing the different carpets with great artists and public figures. After his quarantine release titled “Distancia”, The Samu prepares to present to the market his new song named “FlowStar” R&B type song in which he thanks all those who have been part of his process and wants to motivate people to work for their dreams.


Which artist influence your music? Who are your favorite artist?

J Balvin is one of the main references and one of my favorites. Other artists like Post Malone, Travis Scott, Tyga and Juanes are artists I admire too much

¿Qué artista influye en tu música? ¿Quién es tu artista favorito?

J Balvin es uno de los principales referentes y uno de mis favoritos. Otros artistas como Post Malone, Travis Scott, Tygq and Juanes son artistas que admiro demasiado

How long have you been creating music?

From a very young singing. It's something I've always liked. In 2014 I started this art world and from there with successes and stumbles I have never stopped.

¿Cuánto tiempo llevas creando música?

Desde muy pequeño canto. Es algo que siempre me ha gustado. En 2014 comencé este mundo artístico y desde allí con éxitos y tropiezos nunca he parado.

With your new single “FLOWSTAR”. Do you plan on releasing a full project? New videos?

“FLOWSTAR” is one of my favorite releases. This song motivates you to dream big and show that everything can be accomplished with effort and dedication. This song was produced by “Alexander Dj and Drew London” which, in the coming days, will have the official release of its video. Also in the coming months will be the release of “Parchesito” a song that certainly promises too much for the artist on a global level.

Con su nuevo sencillo "FLOWSTAR". ¿Planea lanzar un proyecto completo? ¿Nuevos vídeos?

“FLOWSTAR” es uno de mis lanzamientos favoritos. Esta canción motiva a soñar en grande y demostrar que todo se puede lograr con esfuerzo y dedicación. Esta canción fue producida por “Alexander Dj y Drew London” la cual, en los próximos días tendrá el lanzamiento oficial de su video. También en los próximos meses será el lanzamiento de “Parchesito” una canción que sin duda promete demasiado para el artista a nivel global.

Listen to "Flowstar"

Outside of music what are your favorite things to do?

I enjoyed creating, audio visual productions. I'm developing in the company of my label 1113 MUSIC

Fuera de la música, ¿cuáles son tus cosas favoritas?

Disfrutó crear, las producciones audiovisuales son algo que disfruto desarrollar en compañía de mi sello 1113 MUSIC

Listen to his most streamed track, "Or Nah (Spanish Version)

If you were forced to pack 3 items and leave everything else, which items would they be?

My laptop, a piano and a lot of drink hahahaha with that would be missing nothing

Si te vieras obligado a empacar 3 artículos y dejar todo lo demás, ¿qué artículos serían?

Mi laptop, un piano y mucha bebida hahahaha con eso no faltaría nada

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