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Timeflex "Life of An Artist" releasing March 25th

"Life of An Artist" out March 25th


Timeflex is a Connecticut based rapper, songwriter, producer, engineer, musician, designer & more. He started creating music in middle school but always loved writing even as far back as first grade. When he was around 13 years old he taught himself how to play the guitar. He would bring his guitar to high school and play in the hallways as well in music class with his friends who also played, as well as joined a couple bands he jammed with. Because he was in a band and he idolized many metal bands, he taught himself how to vocalize for that genre. Around 16 he started picking up songwriting and freestyling/rapping. He got serious about that and would do it day in and day out... writing while at work, freestyling on his drive home, rapping in cyphers at house parties and recording in his home studio. Later on during this journey he started getting interested in beatmaking, production & engineering. He started his production company "Timeflex Productions" in 2012, as he started producing for other artists all over the world. While he was making beats and mixing for other artists, he was still writing his own songs as well as releasing projects. By 2021 he has released multiple albums, eps, singles + many music videos to support the music. He also ran a couple rap contests on social media which he started in 2019, mainly on instagram to help build up the hip-hop community and get upcoming rappers to work together using his own production. To this day, he is still persisting, still creating good vibes and building his career as well as other artists who he believes in.

WATCH: The Journey by Timeflex

“Timeflex has one of the best spirits an work ethics that I've encountered in the music business. I feel fortunate to have seen him evolve has a artist and producer. We've collaborated in the past and now we looking forward to the future. Thank you for the motivation and support, and the great music you produce . You a truly a legend in the making. Keep up the good work bro!!! ”

LISTEN: No Fear by Timeflex

Be ready for "Life of An Artist" releasing the 25th of March




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