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Top 8 Artist To Watch List 2020

Poppy O @poppy_ohsoo

Camden, NJ Rapper is on the rise after releasing his 2019 project, "Savage Vibes". He fuses energy and infectious flows. Growing up in one of the roughest cites in America. He uses this platform to tell his story.

Yard Of Blondes (Band) @yardofblondes

Yard Of Blondes is a French/Californian Rock Band, their raw energy and upbeat sound is reminiscent of Bands like Sonic Youth, The Pixes, and Smashing Pumpkins.

Fukiyo Kiss @kissfukiyo

The Florida native, artist and producer is bringing dream like vocals, cadence and flows. His recent project, "4 Fall, 4 Winter" is a cohesive body of work. He will continue to make unique vibes and strides.

Triple Kross @triplekrossthebos

Chattanooga Native, Artist and CEO is making a lot of moves with his label. He mixes fast flows with unique Trap production. His single, "Slippin' is a great example of his skills.

8. The Samu @thesamu_

The Samu, Spanish artist is blowing up with his single, "Or Nah". He blends Pop and Hip Hop sounds to create a melodic vibe that can be heard in any club.

7. Macc Dachopper @iouchoppemup

Ohio native, brings a diverse collection of sounds to the table. His single "Rendezvious" is experimental Hip Hop with Pop, and Rock influences. His 2019 Project "New Weird Order" is full of energy. A collection of different production.

6. Cuatro Cinco @theonlycuatrocinco

The Chattanooga, TN artist, with melodic flows is on the rise dropping multiple singles and projects in 2019. "Nothing But Work 2" which featured one of his biggest hits "Quavo Huncho" featured below. This year, he released "Bendito Love Tape" A collection a vibey melodic tracks.

5. Juhasfallen @juhasfallen

Florida Rapper, lyricist is making waves with his diverse style and production. He merges Golden Era and New age production with great lyrics and storytelling. He went on a run in 2018, dropping an EP each month from "January" to "September". He recently released an EP on Soundcloud "(luv'd ones + lost ones)"

4. Melotika @melotikamusic

Melotika is an alternative electro pop artist based in Toronto, Canada. Melotika fuses rich and smokey vocals over electro beats. Her Latest releas, "Bury The Bones" is a dark, eclectic blend of Pop and Alternative Rock.

3. Paris Parrish @clayvonnn

Paris Parrish, recent project "YOU GIVE ME CHILLS", is an experimental hip hop project that showcases his versatility and great production. His visuals are even daring and show his story telling ability.

2. Meru @merucreates

MERU is an Venezuelan independent artist who playfully swirls across genres and expression forms such as poetry, vocals, beat-making, playing acoustic instruments and making visual art. She blends Hip Hop, R&B, Neo Jazz and Soul. Her debut EP "REVEZ" showed how diverse she can be as an artist. Listen to her single "Vivo en el Momento" below

1. Langston Doobs @langstondoobs

Seattle artist, Langston Doobs is an artist with a lush and soulful sound in the vein of Anderson Paak. or Goldlink. His huge singles, "Hiii-er", "Flower Child" as well as his Debut Project "All Out Of Fucks" has put him on the map! He released his new single , "For You"

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