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Tornsey Set to release "Lost Control" July 28th


- the artist project of Nashville based songwriter Tess Schoonhoven, is about

freedom, the exploration of identity, and embracing authenticity with boldness. "Lost

Control", set to release July 28th, 2022, nods toward classic 2000's rock n' roll, while

embracing modern pop elements to create a truly electrifying sound. The second single from

Tornsey, "Lost Control", tells the story of a broken family, exploring the reality of the human

condition through singer-songwriter styles akin to artists like Ben Folds, Billy Joel and Sara

Barellies. The single will be followed by further releases throughout 2022, live shows, video

visualizers, social media marketing and independent press placements.

Schoonhoven adopted the moniker "Tornsey" after spending two years releasing music and

touring under her given name. But now she is eager to celebrate aspects of her identity and

artistry that shifted. "I finally feel like I’m ready to tell a different side of my story, and make

space to explore other’s stories as well,” she says. “From coming out as queer, leaving

religion and finding it in my own right, to discovering joy, hope and freedom all over again in

unpredictable places, beginning again feels so right, and full of openness and love. I think

embracing who you are is the most divine path anyone can take, and I hope to keep walking

it, bringing as many people along as I can.”


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