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Ty Ellenbogen Dances Through Heartbreak with New Single, “Can’t Put a Feeling on Hold”

Singer, songwriter, and producer Ty Ellenbogen announces the release of his new single, “Can’t Put a Feeling on Hold,” available October 13th. Bold and romantic, the song takes on the playful perspective of someone who refuses to give up on love. Ellenbogen embodies the stubborn romantic with lyrics like: “And that’s alright if my love’s unrequited / I’ll spend every night at your door,” all while showcasing his knack for writing earworm hooks. A combination of heartfelt lyrics, infectious melody writing, and energetic production, “Can’t Put a Feeling on Hold” encourages listeners to sing and dance their way through heartbreak.

Ellenbogen wrote, produced, and engineered “Can’t Put a Feeling on Hold” himself. Being the sole decision maker in every aspect of his creation process— from forming the idea to mixing and mastering the final product— enables him to craft music that is 100% authentic. On this track, he enjoyed the freedom to explore a new side of his sound as he sought to create something that sits at a crossroads between pop, r&b, funk, disco, and modern-day club music. Ellenbogen’s inspirations ranged from Stevie Wonder to Tom Misch to Daft Punk, hoping to find a balance between vulnerability, musicality, and excitement. “Can’t Put a Feeling on Hold” does just that— it is singable without sacrificing meaningful lyrics and danceable without sacrificing quality instrumental performances.

“Can’t Put a Feeling on Hold” is the third single off of Ellenbogen’s debut EP, which is set to release in November 2023. The six-song project will be a deep dive into his abilities as a writer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. He has been releasing his self-produced music for three years now, with seven singles released to date. Music has long been a friend of Ellenbogen’s, though; his relationship with music began at nine years old, when he picked up guitar, drums, and saxophone. A natural musician, he became drawn to songwriting and music production in his high school years as a medium to express ideas of his own and connect with others through song.

Ellenbogen’s upcoming body of work is a culmination of that journey, featuring a new level of musical and lyrical maturity as the 20-year-old artist continues to find his voice through his music.


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