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Uber eats girl by mr.3

There is a real art in naming a song isn’t there? Is it a lost art? Was it ever an art in the first place? I dunno, but what I do know is that taking a little bit of extra time to come up with an authentic, clever title can do wonders in attracting listeners to your beats, cos let’s face it, it can sometimes be hard to stand out when you call your beats coffee and rain or some shit.

Deep Fried Frenz, Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues, Devil’s Haircut, Shape of You, Thinking out Loud, Castle on a Hill- out of those six titles, three of them are pure ace and three of them are pure shit . My little analysis shows that the three songs with the shit names are shit and accordingly the three with the original titles are pure awesomeness. In conclusion: ace title=ace song.

“Uber Eats Girl” sounds like the name of a horror movie thwat needs to be made right now. Perhaps as a sequel to Teeth (if you haven’t seen it, see it, especially if you like your salami thinly sliced). It would be a film that would be one part horror and one part humour and this beat could be on the soundtrack. It would quietly be played during the opening scene, the calm before the storm, where everything is cool, the sun is shining, people are sipping on rum and cokes and happily high fiving strangers. 'Cos to tell you the truth, this is the kind of beat that makes you feel properly good.

Reverby, soulful chords are the scaffolding that support this little, three-minute house of delight with the duelling melodies acting as joyful neighbours, skipping along and into your garden while enjoying the gleeful sensations created by the late summer sun. The overall feeling of positivity and warmth created by this beat is something that I just can’t get enough of, there really is a place in this world for lofi beats that aren’t rainy, miserable and defeatist.

Special mention has to go out to the quality bassline that is lurking cheekily at the bottom of this beat. It subtly adds a little bit of danceability to the whole thing and it also features in its own little crowning glory. A bass led mid-song breakdown, which is a lovely surprise and might just be the ultimate highlight within a song full of highlights. So, if you are looking for a song to soundtrack the dying embers of this summer then this is the sun lounger for you, pc. Check it oot here


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