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$uicideboy$ - Long Term Effects of Suffering ALBUM REVIEW

Written Before Listen

Suicideboys are a New Orleans duo consisting of Ruby Da Cherry and Scrim. They are mainly known for their modern take on old school Memphis hip hop and horrorcore. Personally, I never took a deep dive on Memphis Hip Hop but from what ive heard, I like the aesthetic, lo-fidelity and sampling of the genre. Suicideboys’ music I only consider to be ok. Nothing super chair lifting or eye opening but surely some unique music. Without further a do, let’s get into it.


$uicideboy$’ main repertoire in production sticks to trap drums, heavy hitting 808s and dark, atmospheric melodies. Majority of the sampling and mixing is well done. Especially in the beginning with songs like “5 Grand at 8 to 1” and “We Envy Nothing In The World”. I love how they are incorporating jazzier elements as well as more modern aesthetics to their production. Like usual, I enjoy $uicideboy$ production on this record.


A lot of people consider $uicideboy$ horrorcore. Meanwhile, $uicideboy$ do not like that term. I will have to side with them as their topics aren’t horrific. They’re just dark. They focus on topics such as mental health, drug addiction and misanthropy all providing it with their signature apathetic delivery. I personally think that they always stayed buried in the dirt with their lyrics. They just don’t grow and develop into something new or creative. Surely its sugarcoated by their flows, but you need more than fire production to perfect this style.


I think its pretty prevalent who their influences are. Its anything to do with Memphis Hip Hop. Maybe to a degree some hardcore punk but all of their musical tropes go all the way back to the Three 6 Mafia format. The flows, the drum patterns and sampling is pure Three 6 Mafia without hinting anything about it. Surely some modern trap can be seen as well but at the end of the day, their influences are pretty clear.


If you’ve never listened to a $uicideboy$ song in your life, please do this. Look up $uicideboy$, go to images and lurk for a minute or so. Now you know how their music sounds. Now, listen to their music. Was that your song? I thought so. Before you ask, no I don’t read minds. It’s just common sense.


Now for my biggest gripe, its predictable as hell. We knew exactly what we were going to get. Memphis inspired flows, heavy 808s, hardcore trap drums and heavy use of reverb. I wouldn’t say every song sounds the same, but every song sounds like $uicideboy$.


There is really not that much I can say about this record. I love the production but Suicideboys do what Suicideboys usually do. Thats all I can really say.



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